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Social responsibility investments are opportunities to participate in our research-based programs and initiatives that meet market demand within the following areas of focus:

Delivering the next generation of cinematic talent to global markets:

We are searching for emerging filmmakers and partner with them to provide opportunities to garner worldwide exposure. By connecting with recent university cinema grads and motivated young filmmakers, we are discovering amazing new talent that will direct and produce tomorrow’s blockbusters.

Film Financing:

We develop new film properties and provide the means to bring them to market. We provide financial and production resources to young talented American and international filmmakers by providing them with the funding and knowledge they need to bring their visions to light.


An Opportunity:

American Hope Charities invites business leaders and private investors to benefit from tax-deductible contributions to help rebuild America and rekindle its God-given blessings as the Land of Economic Opportunity and Personal Freedom.


Your financial investment is the greater gift you can make to educate impoverished children. With your help, we can grow and expand from our initial 1,000 children, to reach may thousands more. Education gives direction, hope and the power to make positive change for self and community.

This invitation is open only to sophisticated investors with net worth over $1.5 million.

Your investment will be an integral part of crowdfunding $50 million.



  • Mention your name or company on Worldwide News Media Releases.
  • Philanthropy is tax deductible.
  • All investments may qualify for multiple year tax deductions.
  • Investor’s name linked with a perpetual legacy.

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Our campaign is focused on acquiring objective fact-base feasibility studies to design, develop, build, and turn-key two high-technology self-sustaining private schools, each providing for 500 poverty-stricken children grades K6-K12, in Latin America and Africa.