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Transformed into a Movie Set

Film Summary

This story shows how the stay home mandates, school closings, travel restrictions, virtual work and the media affected children, teens, young adults, male and female grownups and the elderly.

Children can’t understand why they separated from their grandparents, friends, teachers and family living outside their home. Teens questioned their reason for living, their sexuality, social isolation, and lack of physical contact with the most significant friends, driving many to consider suicide. Young adults wondering about the most confusing years of their lives figuring out how to get a job, pay rent and afford to go out. The mature couples staying home 24/7 endured psychological and physical abuse, ending in divorce and financial distress. The elderly discovered the heartbreaking reality of seeing the end of life alone. This movie stage is a golf course, being the beauty of nature, inviting a neutral playing field where the players author the story while at play.


AHC FILMS is a division of American Hope Charities is a 501 (c) (3) Tax-exempt (EIN 51-0559942) nonprofit corporation founded in 2005. Authorized to carry on business in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Our mission is to invite sponsors, and players to help fund 300 four-years scholarships in Rural America. Ten of these grants are committed to Oldham County, Kentucky.

Scholarships will be issue in the best boarding private schools in Louisville, and include tuition, books and study materials, uniforms, golf equipment, specific golf memberships, and weekend spending stipend granted exclusively to impoverished Jr, and High School students.

To keep these grants, the favored student must always keep their grades in the top ten percent of their class. The student who ranks below the top 10% will forfeit the balance of the four-year grant.


Sponsoring this invitational golf tournament is a unique opportunity for your organization to bring a solid return on investment (ROI) because donations are 100% tax-deductible under Section 170 of the Tax Code.

Participating as Presenting Sponsor helps your organization to build a public image of an organization that invest in and cares about the educational status of the young, the future of the U.S. and the World.

Partaking as Gold Sponsor of the $10,000. Cash Prize Hole-in-One extends your name across the entire spectrum of the golf community, public, and movie goers population.

AMERICA LASTING IMPRESSIONS will be screened nationally and internationally. Engaging people before, during , and after the event; and having your brand appear on all media and film credits alongside other reputable brands increases your organization’s visibility in front of local, national and international public and movie audiences.


Saturday, June 8, 2024

Shotgun Starts at 9:00 AM AND 2:30 PM


2820 South Highway 53

La Grange, Kentucky 40031










A message from the ceo

This is a challenging and unsettling time and I hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy. At AHC FILMS we have been focusing on adapting to the fast-moving COVID-19 emergency, working to balance the health and safety of our staff members and their families, our services to our clients, and our commitment to the communities in which we live and work.


To acquire objective fact-base feasibility studies to design, develop, build, and turn-key two high-technology self-sustaining private schools, each providing for 500 poverty-stricken children grades K6-K12, in Latin America and Africa.


Despite the growing crisis, we move forward with our plans to launch a $50 million fundraising campaign. Tomorrow demands decisions today. AHC FILMS, a trusted nonprofit division of American Hope Charities is a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) nonprofit Corporation established in 2005.

Building Schools

We work to provide education for poverty-stricken children grades K6-K12, in Latin America and Africa.


We work to provide leadership and logistical support for new to market filmmakers who are working to shape the culture of the next generation.

Worldwide Impact

We exist to have an impact and to make a difference in the world of children and young adults. It is at moments like this that we recognize how essential fact-based information and data-driven research are to effective decision-making.

What we do

We are a research-based educational organization founded on the principle that education is essential for empowerment and freedom.

American Hope Charities is committed to fostering strategic leadership in action based on the universal values of truth, integrity, equality, governance, and transparency.

Million GOAL




Who we support

We Promote Intelligent, Education, and Choices.

The “MAT 1926 Scholarship Program” is specifically for disadvantaged Jr High and High School students in Kenya, Latin America, and Rural U.S.A., as a vital source of economic empowerment to exit poverty, secure freedom, and impact the lives of others. 

It will provide full tuition, including books, uniforms, and approved related activities to 300 impoverished Junior and High School students in Kenya, Latin America, and Rural U.S.A.

The Mission of this program is to prepare students with a superior education, to save lives, and bring hope to help their families depart from poverty.

Our values in all we do are Respect for God’s Laws and the rights, differences, and dignity of others.

Integrity in all relations and actions and excellence in our work within the organization and the communities we serve.

American Hope Charities recognizes that the media shapes societies, values, and beliefs and brings new connectivity to an interdependent world.

Talented youth in the United States and abroad are waiting for the opportunity to show how a creative mind can uncover the power within and give its audience a new perspective.

We support young aspiring filmmakers in their goal to deliver a unique message to a broad audience.

We aim to encourage and promote U.S. and international creative screenwriters and talents in filmmaking by bringing unseen productions to the public view.

Our current projects

Our Completed and In-Production Projects.
Our Mission: Create true stories of cinematic excellence in English from around the world.


Developing New Filmmakers Across the World.

We are empowering the inner passion of would-be filmmakers who have stories to tell and enabling writers to give life and feelings to characters. Allowing them to create stories that harness a media format that shapes societal values and beliefs. Your donation of $7000 USD can open doors of opportunity to a young filmmaker to bring his/her original ideas to the screen.

Stories – That have a powerful beginning, an exciting middle and an unforgettable ending.

We use research-based methodology to teach new filmmakers how to test orginal ideas for marketability and teach formal team building and business plan development. We then facilitiate early access to regulatory compliance governing filmmaking.

Directing – Connecting the mind of the storyteller to create an experience that moves the audience to action.

Filmmakers create an 11-minute film (including credits) that is entered in national and international film festivals. This short film becomes the new filmmaker’s calling card and creates access to feature film distribution and financing.

Premiere – Bring your family and friends to see your new film!


We seek support from the public and corporations to fund film and television projects.

A tax-deductible donation of $7,000 makes possible the creation, financing, development, production, and distribution of an eleven-minute film for submission and exhibition at the U.S. and international film festivals.

The purpose of this short film production is to show these talents to investors seeking opportunities to participate in a full-length feature film for worldwide distribution.

about ahcfilms.org

Mission: Create true stories of cinematic excellence in English from around the world.

Strategy: Focus. Growth. Impact.

Purpose: Connect with and inspire the audience—ignite interest and followers.

Core Values: Recognize the value of films and power of individuals in a global society driven by knowledge and technology.

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